Israel and Azerbaijan: The Odd Couple
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  • Richard

    The $1.6 Billion arms sale is almost entirely destined to be used against Armenians as Azerbaijan spends a huge percentage of its oil & gas revenues on a build-up of its armed forces.

  • Mrs. Davis

    This part of the world sounds more like the Balkans all the time.

  • Roy Lofquist

    Isn’t it amusing how doctrinal differences
    seem to matter less when the Barbarians are at the gate.

  • Cunctator

    Given the Obama administration’s appeasing of Iran, Israel has to look to its own interests in the region. And, if that means closer relations with unsavoury regimes, so be it.

    As more time passes, the utter bankruptcy of US policy under Obama becomes increasingly clear. US allies are abandoned and, worse, US security interests undermined. One can only wonder how bad the coming years will be — and pray that November does not lead to the president’s re-election.

  • ElamBend

    Israel has become quite active in the Caucasus. Recall that they provided the Georgians with quite a bit of tech (and some evidence says that it also recently supplied the Russians with info about that tech at a later date).
    In the future, look for Israel to become further engaged with Russia. Due to the immigration of the last 20 years, the Israeli population has stronger ties to Russia. Russia sees itself as the natural power in the Caucuses and finally, Russia is a possible new sponsor if things should go sideways between Israel and the US.
    As for Israeli strategy, they seem to be following the example of the Byzantines (at the times when Constantinople was but a city-state)

  • Odd. I would expect that Israel and Armenia would be great friends. They are in similar situations: almost surrounded by hostile Muslim (not necessarily Islamist) neighbors, populations with a high level of scientific and cultural education (Armenia was part of the old Soviet science sun belt), touristic scenery, and wealthy active diasporas in the West. I should think Israel would be Armenia’s biggest sponsor.

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