US Forces Headed Back to Iraq?
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  • dearieme

    Talking about terrifying foreign parts, did we ever hear how it went at All Souls?

  • Tom Holsinger

    Note that we still won’t have any commitment to defend Iraqi air space, i.e., Israel aircraft can still penetrate it in attacking Iran without Americans having to look the other way.

  • Any news on the numbers? I’d guess 50,000 on call in the region.

  • John P. BonneCarrere, Jr.

    As a retired soldier who did two tours in the Iraq theater, I am sickened by how the present commander-in-chief virtually destroyed much of what we achievedm, and now will send more of my fellow soldiers back to try and retrieve what he threw away.

  • “If Iran turns into a nuclear power, then no one dares to challenge it because they have to pay a heavy price.” – Ali Larijiani, chairman of the Parliament of Iran

    “it is Western propaganda that keeps on saying that Iran is seeking a bomb, but it is not true.” – Ali Larijiani, chairman of the Parliament of Iran

    Iran wants nukes and they will want to make the world pay for defying them.

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