Yale Pride Goeth Before A Fall
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  • BillH

    21st century USA: $$ trump everything. (Yes, I’m an octogenarian cynic.)

  • Mrs. Davis

    Watch this lawsuit to see the courts put the coup de grace to the NCAA’s exploitation of adolescents.

  • David Bennett

    The state of college athletics is no more corrupt than the state of the rest of the academy. If the activities of the administrations and faculty of American colleges and universities had 6 or 8 major networks and a section of every single newspaper devoted to atomizing their every breath athletics would actually come off looking pretty good. That doesn’t mean no changes are needed, but your desire to see someone that has been accused but not proven guilty punished would never be applied to a person in an academic setting.

  • David Bennett

    BillH says
    “21st century USA: $$ trump everything.”
    Yes, academics are a greedy lot. The inflation rate of tuition has been double the overall inflation rate for the last 50 years. It would be quite difficult to argue that the value has even kept pace.

  • Alex Weiner
  • David Bennett

    More background from KC Johnson at Minding the Campus. Any NYT story should be taken with a substantial grain of salt.


  • Kohl Haas

    At a recent dinner at an investment conference, 10 persons at a table (Oil Execs, Construction, banking, finance types) the question came up “Would you hire an Ivy Leaguer?” Answser,immediate, unanimous, and emphatic: “No!” Reason, also immediate, unanimous, and emphatic: “No integrity”. One person put a caveat on his answer: “If they have a military background, I would interview them”.

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