Trend #10: Hope and Change
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I want to share a story. I spent a year in South Korea 78-79, and got to see firsthand as the local farmers transitioned from water buffalo, to the 10 hp Iron buffalo invented by the King of Thailand. At the time South Korea was ruled by the military, and as an enlisted man I made 10 times the average income of the time. Now over 30 years later, South Korea while a still developing country, is approaching fully developed. The average income exceeds that of many in Europe, and it is a fully Democratic state. I believe that the US military presence vastly accelerated the cultural evolution of South Korea, by exposing the population to American culture on a daily basis. With the entire world now being exposed to American culture in movies, TV, games, the web, and technology, I believe that the world’s cultures are only a few of generations away from where the South Koreans are now. While cultures evolve at glacial speeds, with the trail already blazed by the West and America in particular, the backward cultures of the world will be able to evolve at great speed; this is not to say that some cultures won’t resist the evolution. I am thinking of communist, socialist, and Islamic cultures in particular, as most likely to resist and therefore be unsuccessful.
    “There is no arguing with success”
    Where ever American and Western culture has been adopted, success has quickly followed.

  • Jeff77450

    @Jacksonian Libertarian: Well said. FYI, I was stationed at Camp Howze, Korea, in 77/78. (I sure do wish that I’d opted for Germany instead, which had been presented as an option when I enlisted; oh well).

  • wes george

    Well that’s all fine and dandy. Believe me I want to believe the future looks bright, but what about the eminent collapse of western civilisation’s monetary system due to unsustainable levels of debt making the world’s currency worthless?

    It’s the elephant in all our living rooms.

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