Fukuyama to Hungary: Watch Out
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  • En is közgazdász vagyok már 40 éve.
    Az Ön írása abszolut méltatlan az Ön hírnevéhez.
    Magyarországot abszolut nem ismeri. Magyarország 1000 éves történelmét jó lenne kicsit is ismerni.
    Ön soha nem beszélt Órbán Viktorral,fogalma se nincsen Önnek arrol,hogy ki is Ő.
    Szégyellem,hogy egy profeszor ekkire szubjektív marhaságokat ír
    Best regards
    Tóth István közgazdász

  • Anthony

    Institutions are premised on cultural patterns/arrangements – so essentially culture matters – and pattern/arrangements may be determinant vis-a-vis institutional development.

  • Altaiir

    I totally agree with you Sir! Hungarys biggest problem is, that the people here never experienced what it feels like to live under the rule of a real dictator. So since they lack the knowledge and especially experience, they blindly elected one and like István they are narrowminded and full of false pride. Proud of their not so glorious history full of political incompetence and betrayal of their own kin. They would actually deserve poverty und a rule by fear and terror. Somtimes the biggest revelations come through pain and suffering.

  • Ildiko Gyanyi

    ALTAIIR – I do hope you were joking (was not funny at all), please do read some history books,you aren’t worth wasting any more words on you; I feel sorry for you and wherever you “were educated”. We have lived through poverty and despair, and it’s almost a miracle that this nation still exists. I do hope you will very soon experience living in poverty, i hope you will learn lots from it…

  • What’s the problem with Viktor Orban?

    The problem with him is that he doesn’t want to serve FULLY the monetary puppet masters of the Western world. Hungary has been serving robber institutions like the International Monetary Fund for decades with no positive outcome at all. Hungarians have been considered CHEAP SLAVES AND SERVANTS by institutions like IMF and World Bank. And if one of the Hungarian politicians want to change this system, then the western media – financed by Rotschild business interests in Europe and Rockefeller business interests in the US, start attacking them. The Western media – financed by Rotschild and Rockefeller business interests (FED, BANK OF ENGLAND, EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK, IMF, EUROPEAN UNION) wants to force Hungary to take loans bloodsucking IMF so that this country would never be financially independent of the biggest financial hyaneas in the western world.

  • Thomas

    It’s unfortunate that a group of Hungarian Leftist with good connection to their American counterpart launched a smear campaign because they lost their power after 60 years of absolute Bolshevik rule.
    While in the West Marxism is more or less rehabilitated there are still living victims of the Leftist oppression in Hungary Mr. Fukuyama prefers to ignore.
    In the US the “Occupy Wall St.” movement is supported by the Left, yet they scold Hungarians who want to be free from the exploitation imposed by the Banking Emporium.
    Not lastly, the huge debt incurred is the result of the discredited and voted out socialists who are now whining to get attention in the West.

  • Joe

    [ugly racist slurs by pig ignorant commentator who doesn’t like people from Japan deleted — ed]

  • Palinko Jozsef

    [Illiterate and insulting rant filled with ethnic stereotypes and other infantile expressions of venom and bile has been deleted here.] The commenter objects to aspersions cast on on the ever-glorious government of Hungary.

    Joe Palinko

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