Trend #7: The Age of the Apocalypse
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  • Anthony

    “The frightening thing about apocalyptic thinking is that it tends to feed off itself and breed the conditions….” Your categories(Malthusian, Frustian, Cultural clashes, and Apocalyptic ideas) taken together WRM brings to mind the power of cognitive bias (Gaia principle looks fragile given Trend #7: Age of the Apocalypse).

  • Jon Boone

    Given the media hype of weather extremes and the pervasiveness of the Internet, combined with the chilling fact that a stopped clocked is right twice a day, the apocalypse will grow many heads, continuing to provide frisson for those geared up for melodrama.

  • Andrew Hamilton

    A fascination with huge scale disasters was also characteristic of the 1840s in England, a nation undergoing rapid social and economic change. Tate Britain has just taken down “Apocalypse,” a brilliant retrospective of the Victorian painter John Martin, the centerpiece of which was three huge canvases depicting in the center Christ separating the saved from the damned, flanked by the destruction of earth (with a city, its buildings upside down, falling into the abyss and huge boulders flying through the air) and the Elysian Fields. The Tate hired son-et-lumiere specialists to animate the paintings very effectively. Martin, the most popular artist of his day, did other disaster paintings, and the newly rehung Victorian galleries nearby show other artists of the time, including Turner, treating the same theme.

  • Eric

    They always forget Deut 7:9. Only about 800 more generations to go.

    Here is a line I happened to read last night:

    “…and the public was always ready to believe any news, provided it was bad.”
    – Tacitus, Histories

    I think it is safe to say reporting has not changed!

  • Michael Martin-Smith

    Mother Nature thoughtfully provides various possible extinction/civilisation wrecking scenarios for us- asteroid/comet impact, supervolcanic eruptions, Gamma Ray Bursters in our “local” neighbourhood, pandemics, and extreme solar eruptions being some of the candidates.
    None of these would apply to a human civilisation well dispersed in Space beforehand; the final answer to Apocalypse for Humankind,as with the Holocaust for the Jews, lies in Diaspora.

    For Jewry, this was transcontinental; for the human species, it will be cosmic. Our Destiny is the Humanisation of Space, or decay followed by extinction. We do have a choice – and a rather hopeful and positive one at that…
    “Earth is the Cradle of Mind- but one does not live in the Cradle forever!”

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