Census Bureau Plays the Race Card
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  • Anthony

    Homosapiens (sometimes wise and intelligent) WRM – the species having common attributes overwhelm Census Bureau administrators seeking weighted classifications/divisions in furtherance of specious policy.

  • Kris

    Thank you so much for that NYT link. As an encore, could you refer us to the work of Pieter Camper?

  • LarryD

    Hispanic is a very artificial label anyway. Invented by activists who wanted to get in on the Left’s racial spoils system.

  • JasonM

    So… why are Hispanics the only people who get to have an ethnicity for the government anyway?

    The only fair alternatives:

    1. Everybody gets to assert their ethnicity to the government

    2. Abolish any “ethnicity” questions altogether

  • steveaz

    The term “hispanic” is used to denote a culture, not a race.

    A white Castillian and a spanish-speaking Quitzo Indian from Jalisco, MX are both “hispanic.” Their mother-tongue is Spanish.

    That modern academe tolerates the misuse of the word in its post-modern ethnic-, Peace- and whiteness-studies departments should disqualify their institutions from serious consideration by applicants who, in contrast, think it’s important to call things by their names.

  • I left the “race” section blank on our census. The bureau called me four times to ask what race I was. I refused to answer. When I asked the caller why this information was even relevant, she couldn’t answer.

    I still wish I had stuck to my guns and put “human” as my race on my wedding license. The clerk would not accept the form until that space was filled.

  • Jay Dee

    If one gives credence to the theory that human beings evolved in Africa then we are all technically African-Americans. Put that on your next census questionnaire.

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