Green or Black: Must Democrats Choose?
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  • Cunctator

    Can the same label be applied to a person who chooses to vote for someone because of his race as the one who chooses not to do so for that reason?

    African-Americans should reflect on why they support Obama. If it is only because of race, well…

  • With rifts also eminently visible between conservatives and libertarians, could the result ultimately be a four party system along the lines of the political compass?

  • Jim.

    @Tom Richards:

    The problem is, there really aren’t enough Libertarians to matter. If there were, their own political party (named, appropriately enough, “The Libertarian Party”) would be a major player.

    Same argument goes for the Greens, really.

  • LarryD

    Re #2:

    The Republicans did a survey of their base a few years back.

    The biggest fraction is both financially and socially conservative.

    The upper middle class is both socially and financially liberal.

    So, where are the potential allies for the libertarians? Any libertarians who have joined the Democrats have eventually given up their financial conservatism.

  • Rhodium Heart

    Excellent summary of why the white working class hate-hate-hates Obama for a reason other than what is presumed in the mainstream media (which is racism). My liberal friends keep telling me the Republican Party is doomed by demographics since the Republican base is shrinking as a percentage of the country and the Democrats will own minorities and their vote (allusion intentional) in perpetuity. They are comfortable with this false sense of inevitability, because they think the Democratic coalition is always on the verge of coming apart, yet they seem to think it never does, despite evidence to the contrary. I’m torn about whether to shake them out of their delusion or just enjoy the show.

  • Richard S

    To what extent is this a product of the green religion preached in the schools from first grade up?

  • Eric

    Slight faux pas…a kiwi, being a flightless bird, is brown on the outside and red on the inside, whereas a kiwifruit is brown on the outside and green on the inside.

    Kiwifruit are actually chinese gooseberries rebranded by the New Zealand growers. What this implies about Mr Obama is a rich and fruity political recipe I hesitate to dip into.

  • Hu Ngu

    The tug of war between Greens and Blacks is a zero sum
    game. Both are vying over the same shrinking pot of
    tax dollars. For every green windmill subsidized in
    perpetuity by tax dollars, a Black public sector worker
    loses her middle class job.

    Furthermore, the Greens are against so many wealth-
    creating activities that would otherwise provide the tax dollars upon which the permanent Black underclass
    depends for sustenance.

    The Green Whites are ransacking the Blue Blacks.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Blue Model is dying, and its political advocates the Democrats, are going to die right alongside it. We get to watch, help it die, or die with it. I think I’ll help it die quickly, less pain all around.

  • Jim.

    By the way, apparently Obama’s State Department is trying to kill Keystone, still.

    Can we get those clowns replaced, perhaps by the ones doing well in SE Asia, please? The ones against Keystone are no better than the ones who got caught flatfooted by the Arab Spring.

    On the upside, it’s good that we’re starting to be able to recognize who’s doing well there. Hopefully we can build on that.

  • Glen

    For the foreseeable future, Obama represents the only nationally viable presidential Democratic Party candidate.

    Regardless of what happens in 2012, look for Democrats to nominate another Progressive African-American for president in 2016.

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