China And Japan Dawdle On Iran Sanctions—Does It Matter?
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  • Jim.

    Sure, it matters that China is not joining the embargo. They have both the money and the internal demand to completely consume Iran’s oil production.

    If they have the tanker capacity to get Iran’s oil to China, nothing can stop them short of war… and that would be war with China too, not just Iran.

    Our strategic position is not all that strong here.

  • Anthony

    There is no good scenario for the world in which China is not considered an invested participant – Peter Thiel. Iran is one of China’s top supplier of oil….

  • Jim.

    Honestly, the best (and perhaps only) way to bolster our position is to improve and deploy anti-ballistic missiles both by ship and to allied countries around the region. We have then, they work to a good extent, and further development should lead to further improvement.

    Iran’s nuclear program, indeed any nuclear program not based on ovewhelming numbers, would be moot at that point, and we would even have some hope of rolling back the nuclearization of Pakistan. (And India, if we had to.)

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