Another Grim Christmas In The Middle East
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  • FX Meaney

    For 14 centuries Islam has persecuted and killed non – Muslims from India through Asia, the Middle East and Africa –and now in Europe and the U.S. Sweden, Norway, France as well an upsurge in Egypt,Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Sudan. How many speak out?

  • Luke Lea

    How about Jordan and Lebanon? Are they doing better?

  • rkka

    “As Christians throughout the world gather together with family and friends, we should spare somethought for Christians living in communities where they cannot safely practice their faith.”

    In Iraq, they could do so, under Saddam. Then Bush II and the Iraq war cheerleaders decided that control over Iraq’s oil and having big military bases there was more important.

    Now that we lost the war for Iraq’s oil, and were firmly but politely invited to leave Iraq under the terms of the 2008 Security Framework Agreement, Iraq’s Christians have paid the price. The smart ones left years ago. The rest will follow.

  • Kris

    “Another Grim Christmas In The Middle East”

    All because of Global Warmening, which is a Zionist plot intended to deprive us of White Christmases.

    (Which reminds me of Band Aid’s Do They Know its Christmas from 1984, with its unforgettable lyric “And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time.” Right, as if starving isn’t enough, let the little moppets freeze to death as well!)

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