But What If The Crops Still Won’t Grow?
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  • There is zero chance the “business friendly” Muslim Brotherhood will do anything but destroy what is left of Egypt’s economy. For one thing, they intend to enforce the traditional Islamic prohibition on interest, so how could they possibly run a capitalist economy? They will also be death on tourism. But this bunch of religious fascists (a term I mean literally, by the way; look up the record of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna’s support for Nazi-type thinking) doesn’t care about feeding people, except in a bread-and-circuses kind of way; they care about creating a totalitarian society and waging war on America and Israel. Their current prestense at moderation is a vast snow job.

  • Kris

    Spreading meme: “Somalia on the Nile.”

  • Ducatisti

    Spengler (David P. Goldman, IIRC) has published a number of posts at pjmedia.com concerning Egypt’s economy, their foreign reserves, and how much they spend to import food. Their cash is rapidly diminishing to where they will not be able to buy food within 6 months. I am sure Allah will be helpful, though.

  • Well the blood of various Republican pharaoh seems to be watering the fields of the great agricultural state of Iowa already.

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