Europe Throws Greens Under The Bus
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  • Otiose8

    Someday soon – hopefully very soon – the recent preoccupation with carbon as a menace will join historical references to among others the great questions of centuries past such as angels dancing on pins and witches at Salem.

  • Richard Quigley

    The entire notion that man can do anything to effect global climate change is a chimera and is arguably the worst fraud perpetrated on humanity.
    Action & expenditure to maintain ecologically sustainable local environments is what is needed.
    Clean up your local air & water!

  • John Chittick

    It’s too bad tea party style balanced budget amendments aren’t being imposed in the country with actual tea parties. Europe is much closer to the US in indebtedness than we think. This administration along with half of Congress ( including Gingrich, Romney?) continues to prostrate its self to AGW and other pseudo-environmental narratives.

  • Corlyss

    Strikes me as odd that, as cynical as Europeans are about ideas that erupt from America, they fell hook, line, and sinker for Enron’s carbon trading scheme to their shame and financial detriment. I don’t get it, really. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Enron was never about anything but making money from trading.

    Seems to me also that under the bus is not nearly far down enough. When the economic crisis subsides, these industrious stupid* people with their doom mantras will rise again. They should be locked up somewhere.
    *Cf General Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord’s leadership matrix.

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