Congo Elections: Undemocratic, Un-monitored, Inconclusive, Ill-Advised, Etc
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  • Fred

    I think the Calhoun quote I left in the comment thread on Egypt is appropos here as well:

    Liberty, then, when forced on a people unfit for it, would, instead of a blessing, be a curse; as it would, in its reaction, lead directly to anarchy,—the greatest of all curses. No people, indeed, can long enjoy more liberty than that to which their situation and advanced intelligence and morals fairly entitle them. If more than this be allowed, they must soon fall into confusion and disorder,—to be followed, if not by anarchy and despotism, by a change to a form of government more simple and absolute; and, therefore, better suited to their condition. And hence, although it may be true, that a people may not have as much liberty as they are fairly entitled to, and are capable of enjoying,—yet the reverse is unquestionably true,—that no people can long possess more than they are fairly entitled to.

  • DFS

    I think the commentators on your previous post on this subject pretty well clarified how misplaced your comments are. So I’ll generally leave those points alone.

    We’ve actually met once before, and while I do have respect for your intelligence, reading through your posts here has helped me lose respect for your judgment. I came across this post because I’m serving on the ground in this “despicable” and “hopeless” part of the world. Your dogmatic adherence to founding fathers-esque logic and reason, which apparently makes you believe that so-called savages are incapable of freely choosing democracy and even more incapable of instituting it, would fit nicely on the bench next to Justice Scalia. We’ll hope that you get the next court nod. The two of you bickering back and forth would be priceless.

    All these petty comments aside, I honestly (and no longer rudely) would be interested to hear some sort of solution from you. Should the Congolese not have a constitution requiring elections? Should Kabila be allowed to stay in power as long as he wants until another coup comes along? I genuinely have no idea what you think should be done, even if I can agree that the DRC is a mess. I won’t be going out of my way to read you elsewhere, so I would be happy to read a response here. Thanks.

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