The Devil You Know: Syrian Christians Support Assad
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  • Jim.

    America — and Europe, if we can get its support — must make it clear that any attempted genocide against native Christian communities by new governments will be met with force if necessary.

    There is potential here for a genocide across the region approaching 4-5 million, easily. For any modern country to sit back and allow this to happen — even that we have allowed it to START in Iraq and Egypt — makes a ghastly joke of all the anti-Holocaust pieties observed by the West’s chattering classes.

  • The so-called Arab Spring is nothing of the kind. Is just another wave in the outgoing tide sweeping away the last of the secular rulers of the Middle East. The destruction of the Caliphate in 1923 left a vacuum that was filled first by monarchies propped by colonialism. These countries then mostly fell into the hands of secular often military dictators. This was also an alien imposition in the Middle East. Now these populations are regressing toward a more explicitly Muslim rulership. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in response to the destruction of the Caliphate. In Egypt it has waited a long time to come to power, but it may be about to do so. Secular rulers tended to be relatively kind to Christians and other minorities, who it could coopt and use. Saddam did the same thing with his Christians. Islamists governments will wipe out the last of these vestigial populations which survived under Ottomans, direct colonial and puppet colonial rule, and under secular dictators. Their days are now numbered. Expect massacres and huge refugee movements. Coptic Christianity has been in Egypt since the Muslims conquered the place. If the Army gives way in Egypt to more fundamentalist leadership, their world may at last come to an end. I read recently that the USA has adopted a UN ruling that Christians from Muslim countries cannot be given asylum. If so it will be like the Jews in the 1930s all over again. For us, a shameful episode, for many others, unmarked mass graves.

  • Jim.


    Secularism is no protection for Christians. Ataturk’s secular Turkey committed genocide against its Christian population between the world wars.

    America needs to be willing to use force to prevent any moves against Christians as a result of the Arab Spring, or far more are going to die than would have died had Gadfly done what he had threatened to do to Benghazi.

    We went to war to protect Muslims in Kosovo and Benghazi; we are willing to go to war to protect Jews in Israel; any definition of evenhandedness, fairness, or basic rationality dictates we must be willing to go to war to protect Christians, too.

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