Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys Call Out Wimpy US on Iran
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  • Kris

    I’ve wondered whether the US might have a not entirely negative view of the possibility of a nuclear Iran, as that would make the (formerly) Arab Gulf countries more dependent on the US. The fly in this ointment is that these countries would then also go nuclear. What a beautiful world it would be!

  • So I guess the real question is this:

    Will the mullahs & Khamanei remove Ahmadinejad before or after he (in his mind) ushers-in the 12th imam via the global chaos that would ensue from an Iranian nuclear strike?

    How seriously are the mullahs committted to the fantasy of their Dear Leader and the 12th? Completely? Or only as a political tool?

    I guess we’re about to find out.

  • The sane alternative actually might be for Israel – who already has been given Saudi overflight authorization – to give the Saudis one of their nukes, with the target (Qom?) already pre-programmed. Let the Saudis program whatever target they want in a dummy app. Then when the Saudi Sunnis launch said nuke at the Iranians – which they’ll do, apostates being hated far more than the infidel and the Shia/Sunni split pre-dating any infidel contact with these Dark Ages barbarians – the Saudis will take care of the global Iranian-Shia problem, will ensure that the world oil markets are not too troubled, and will rid us of Shia terrorism.. and our hands won’t be on the deal at all. (And if the Saudis instead target Jerusalem – which they won’t, the preprogramming will handle that.)

    Of course, this would require intelligent foreign policy, so it’ll probably have to await President Gingrich.

  • ErisGuy

    So the French position amounts to “let’s you and him fight.” The French want it so bad, let them use their soldiers and their missiles. I promise when Iran nukes Paris, the USA will respond with humanitarian aid.

  • bob sykes

    Obama’s reticence regarding Iran is well-founded. The only way to prevent ande Iranian bomb is to go to war, and go big Iraqi-style. Of course, Iran is a much bigger country with many more people than Iraq, so this would be a very big, very long war. Think Vietnam.

    And then there is Pakistan. Our sworn but cowed enemy. Ponder a war on Pakistan. It makes more sense than Afghanistan or Iran. Pakistan is a much bigger villain.

    All in all, giving the Saudi’s and Turkey and Egypt the bomb might be a better deal.

  • Sapper Squid

    Truth be told, I was patrolling in Al Anbar province Iraq, coming back to the DFAC to listen to foreign policy experts talk about how Iraq was “another Vietnam.” I thought is was silly then, as I he think saying that Iran is another Vietnam might be almost as tenuous a prediction.

    Myself, I hope it never happens, but unfortunately, the enemy gets a vote. At least there will be a LOT or Iraqi’s eager to help us out if comes to that, A LOT of Iraqi’s.

  • MGCC

    Hmm, maybe we can get the French to promise to support us in the UN on any move against Iraq, I mean Iran?

  • Scott

    Thank you for using one of the greatest of many great Simpson lines. It made me very happy.

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