More Tea With Your Schnitzel?
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  • Earl of Sandwich

    Don’t worry, according to Planet Money they’re working on those pesky unions and minimum wage

  • WigWag

    “Germany still has a few more changes before it qualifies as a red state; those gun laws need to change, for one thing, and there is all that business with the unions.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    And let’s not forget that Germany provides universal health care to all of its citizens and manages to do so at a per capita cost dramatically lower than that in the United States. And outcomes are better; life expectancy (at birth) is longer and the perinatal mortality rate is lower.

    Germany is “bluer” than California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New York. There’s not a “blue state” in the United States “bluer” than Germany.

    Yet Germany is the powerhouse of Europe; maybe Professor Mead can explain just how that can be.

    After those tax cuts Merkel is planning, marginal tax rates in Germany will still be substantially higher than the marginal tax rate in the United States.

    And let’s not forget that Germany has extraordinarily high taxes on petrol (at least compared to the United States) and they have a hefty value added tax as well.

    The fact that nations like Canada and Germany can have healthy, vibrant economies while still enjoying the benefits of the blue state model while American states can’t is simply propoganda.

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