Hot Nigerian Religion: Interfaith Violence Flares Again
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  • WigWag

    “…holy war is the only way to bring change for Muslims in Nigeria…” (Imam Abubakar Shekau)

    Professor Mead recently cited a blog post written by Philip Jenkins in which Jenkins (who has written extensively about the religious conflict in Nigeria)downplayed the relationship of the Koran and Hadith
    to sectarian conflict.

    But here Professor Mead quotes a radical Imam in Nigeria who calls for “Holy War.” As anyone who has read the Koran in translation knows, the references to Holy War are ubiquitous in that religious text.

    I wonder what Jenkins would make of Abubakar Shekau’s call for Holy War. I also wonder how many of those Christians who are brutalizing Nigerian Muslims are insisting that Jesus made them do it.

    I am not sure what Jenkins would say, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Nigerian Christians who turn violent, rarely stop to quote the Bible on how the ancient Israelites treated the Amalekites.

    Despite Jenkins blog post, it’s Muslim radicals who look to their sacred texts for instructions on how to treat Jews and Christians, not radical Christians.

  • stephen b

    Gosh, “anybody who feels cheated” could apply to any number of large groups camped out in various US urban centers.

  • Anthony

    Doesn’t bode well for country nourished on corruption superimposed on both religion and historical ethnic tensions. …part of world-wide dynamic configuration?

  • John

    I have to agree with WigWag here. I know I’ve talked with a State Dept friend who spent many years in Africa and around the world, often areas where Islam had significant influence, and his impression was the same as mine: overall, there’s about an order of magnitude more Muslim-on-Christian violence than there is Christian-on-Muslim violence (with the latter usually being in reaction to the former), and something like that is also case with Muslim/Buddhist violence.

    In my experience, arguments strongly to the contrary often show the brilliance of the scholars involved, but in a perverse way–like brilliant arguments by creation scientists against evolution, the difference being that creation science is politically incorrect and so its many flaws are eagerly exposed, whereas “all religions promote violence equally” is intellectual catnip to the Progressive mind and so tends to be peer-reviewed uncritically by like-minded secular (typically secularistic?) scholars.

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