At Last: Some Actual Green Jobs Of The Future
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  • Kris

    The ever-increasing unwise regulations in effect introduce friction into the economy. Friction converts productive kinetic energy into useless and wasteful heat. Wait a minute, did I just discover the real cause of global warming?!

  • Jim.


    Have you ever considered writing a biography of Cesar Ritz?

    From what little I’ve read of the man, it seems that he was a paragon of the sort of “concierge” virtues that you believe are essential in the Jobs of the Future.

    It can be very inspiring to hear about someone who does a challenging and important job with skill and panache. How can you beat someone whose work is so famous it has become an adjective?

    Perhaps a bio on Ritz could inspire the youth of America to follow in his footsteps, or at least take a page from his book.

  • Walter Sobchak

    From the aforementioned NYT article:

    “For those who successfully court the wealthy, there is money to be made. Carrie Starner-Keenan, a concierge in San Francisco who used to work in estate management, said her clients tended to be people with huge properties.

    ““I’m currently on the way to a client with three homes, one of them a 10,000-square-foot beach house,” she said in an interview from her car. “I’m changing all the pesticides and cleaning products, changing all the light bulbs, setting up systems and manuals for the staff.” Her hourly rate starts at $75.”

    And they tell us to ride the bus. Do they understand the irony in this quote? Do they see the humor?

    I am with the Instapundit on this one: I will believe it is a crisis when they start acting like it is a crisis.

  • Beautiful!! Your thoughts sound a lot like the hope of achieving authenticity from a relational cultural theoretical perspective. Thanks for taking time to write this.

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