Is Texas America's Green Energy Model?
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  • David Russum

    Texas may provide choices – not all consumers are allowed to choose – those grandfathered into COOP’s do not have choice. Also – note that Texas rates have been and are higher than neighboring states – see:

  • Campesino

    The reason Texas has developed so much wind energy so fast is lack of environmental regulation. Facilities located on private land that don’t need federal permits can be put up without the delay of any kind of environmental review. that’s why Texas and Iowa have both passed California in installed capacity. CEQA mandated environmental review for all projects in California has stalled out construction

  • Uriel

    Sorry, it’s the “cause” that is bogus.

    Thus, any “movement” is necessarily bogus from inception.

  • Joseph Somsel

    A government-imposed price FLOOR may benefit wind generators but how does it help customers?

    It is just a way to subsidize both alternative and conventional electric generators at the expense of the public.

    If this is the liberal idea of deregulation, I want none of it.

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