Unions To Wall Street: Die Yuppie Scum, But Do My Homework First
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    “The National Association of Letter Carriers may hate itself in the morning, but right now, that evil yuppie banker is looking pretty good.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    The irony that Professor Mead finds in this situation is all in his vivid imagination.

    There is nothing either ironic or strange about the postal workers union hiring Wall Street experts who focus on corporate restructuring to advise them on how the USPS might be reorganized.

    It is perfectly reasonable to believe that Wall Street professionals who specialize in corporate reorganization can provide valuable advice while at the same time thinking that millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street should pay more taxes. There is nothing contradictory between relying on experts for their advice and believing that investment banks whose irresponsible behavior helped cause the current economic downturn should be penalized for their bad behavior.

    The postal workers union, like tens of millions of Americans, thinks Wall Street is poorly regulated, offers unreasonably large compensation packages and gets away with behavior that if engaged in by anyone else, would be criminal.

    Exactly why does Professor Mead think this means that postal workers should not pay for advice from experts in corporate reorganization?

    Does Professor Mead think his readers are Rubes who are so gullible that they will see irony where none exists?

    I don’t see the irony; all I see is the snark.

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