New IRS Regs Threaten Jobs of the Future
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  • Mike M.

    “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”

  • Agricola

    This is in fact not the IRS acting spontaneously, but rather the effect of rent seeking by the large tax preparers, who wish to erase their competitors. Lobbying, campaign contributions, both of which will decrease competition, increase costs, and negatively effect competition.

  • The corporatist oligarchy hates small business and wants to stamp it out. Anything that creates a disparate burden on individuals and small businesses will prevail under the current politico-economic regime. Mr. Obama is sometimes called a communist by his detractors. But he is more like a smoother, less energetic Mussolini.

  • Scott

    I have long wished that my friends in government could understand what you put so succinctly:

    “but small operations of one or two simply don’t have the time — they’re too busy just keeping their business afloat. Small business is inherently messy, and bureaucrats hate this.”

    Regulators always assume businesses hate regulation because it keeps them from doing bad stuff the businesses want to do. At least from a small business view, it’s because it confuses the hell out of us and keeps us from doing the business we are trying to create.

    Regulatory confusion and complexity destroys the respect of law that is so important to our system.

  • Claude

    The purpose of registration is to combat tax fraud. Some preparers “compete” for business by adding phony dependents or deductions to inflate refunds.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Claude: not saying there is no problem, but the cure can be worse than the disease.

  • Kris

    A capital idea! In addition, any IRS agent wishing to audit me will have to be certified by me, which will involve registering, passing a competency test and a background check, and paying me a modest fee.

  • fiona

    I certify every year for an IRS program called VITA/TCE. I volunteer to assist low income people in my city. I have dealt with some of the returns produced by the part-time folks that will now have to be certified. Poor people are robbed by these so-called tax experts and in most cases would be better off using free software. Simplifying the tax code would put a lot of people out of business, including some lawyers and CPA’s, so obviously we can’t have that.

  • It seems like the IRS would want to leave people alone right now. The economy is on the bring of disaster and now is not the time to kill the revenue source.

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