High Standards Produce Smart Kids
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  • higgins1990

    “Puffing kids up on self esteem … deceives young people about the actual world, and it reduces their chances of doing well in it.”

    But increases their chances of having to rely on the nanny state, and thus becoming life-long Democratic voters.

  • Karen

    American kids do not do worse than their counterparts in other countries. It is politically incorrect to point it out, but if you separate results by race, American kids kick [ball]. Our white kids do better than their white kids, our latino kids do better than those of other countries and our black kids do better their black kids, etc. We will turn ourselves inside out trying to deny that there may be a racial component involved in when it comes to IQ. That is not to say that the US education system doesn’t desperately need reform; it does but it is nowhere near as bad as many seem to think.

  • Corlyss

    This sounds a lot like a program Gingrich proposed years ago: pay the kids for doing well in school because they are at least smart enough to go where the money is. Pay the teachers for results. If it works, the Teachers Unions will crush the program like a styrofoam cup. But it’s refreshing to see someone actually try Gingrich’s idea.

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