Eurospeak and Eurosleep
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  • Joe

    None of these people matter. There is no evidence that they will do anything that they have to to avert default, or even structure a soft landing.

    Who it is who matter are the population that has been quietly withdrawing their deposits from the banks and stuffing it in their matresses. The othe people who matter run the hot money now flowing into the US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia… in short the places where it’s possible to repatriate money later without risk of a policy reversal on the issue.

  • Peter

    Ever hear of the Peter Principle?

    This Van Rompuy is it.

  • Luke Lea

    Gotta admit, though: with guys like Mr. Van Rompuy in charge the chances of war would go down.

  • Gene

    Did an article in a magazine called THE ECONOMIST actually propose that the ECB should promise “unlimited resources” to save the Euro? I thought economics was, in large part, the study of the distribution of SCARCE resources? And is there any other kind, by the way?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The EU is finished, but there isn’t going to be any war, as the European militaries are all underfunded shrunken paper tigers with barely enough men to defend their own borders.

  • Corlyss

    Implausible sanguinity seems to pass for policy these days when it comes to the Euro crisis. I get a big kick out of “Sobbin'” Simon Hobbs’ (CNBC) hysteria when he talks about the possibility of Euro collapse. He’s done the “There be monsters” reportage for months. I’m waiting breathlessly for his “O the Humanity!” account of the inevitable.

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