Wishful Thinking on Solar Power?
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  • David

    I think you meant $400 million not billion.

  • GES

    In terms of cost of jobs created (and yes, there may be other benefits from this other than jobs–though I assume the electricity will be sold at market price), assuming 750 jobs this works out to close to $367,000 per job.

  • MW from Florida

    $400 billion is about a third of what we have spent in the last decade to defend oil supplies in the Middle East. Or it is about one year’s oil imports.

    $400 million is what was committed to the 2 solar companies.

    Even though some of the green energy ideas won’t work, we have to stop the insanity of importing about 2/3 of our oil supply. The alternative is ever growing trade deficits and more oil-related wars.

  • Kris

    “This looks like the perfect green unicorn”

  • Corlyss

    “these look like political dreams rather than commercial ones.”

    Smells like “crony capitalism,” where crony is a euphamism for “big patron” and capitalism is a deliberate misnomer.

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