Pakistan: It Keeps Getting Worse
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  • Tom Holsinger

    One of the major problems here is that humanitarian assistance to Pakistan is as futile as it is to North Korea. The politically powerful in both countries steal almost all of it. Little, if any, gets to the suffering people the recipients intend it get to.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    A culture and people get the government they deserve. Let’s hope that the spontaneous growth of the TEA Party is an indication that we deserve and will receive a better government than the Pakistanis.

  • Luke Lea

    “It is hard to think of a country of comparable size or importance . . .”

    Scratch the word importance. When it comes to America’s strategic interests, Pakistan’s importance is virtually nil.

    (Disclosure: I’m the nut who doesn’t believe Pakistan actually has nuclear weapons — at least not the kind that could threaten the West.)

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Luke Lea: then you also believe they could not give those nuclear weapons or materials to people who might use them, um, inappropriately?

  • Luke Lea

    Honestly, Walter, I do not believe they have them. Apparently, neither does Israel.

  • Tom Holsinger

    The problem is not terrorist nukes being used on us. The problem is that the domestic security measures required to protect us from terrorist nukes will cost us our freedom.

    The need to protect freedom at home by addressing security concerns abroad has been a significant factor in American foreign policy for centuries. See the first and third chapters of Michael Lind’s _American Way of Strategy_.

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