Bigger Isn’t Better
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  • Mrs. Davis

    Have those guys been to Pennsylvania?

  • Doug Page

    I bet you could say the same thing about small companies. The executives at small firms are very aware when each dollar goes out and each dollar comes in.

  • “. . . This flies in the face of traditional wisdom regarding the economies of scale combining institutions into ever-larger entities. But IT may be changing the economics of bureaucracy. In these changing times, non-traditional wisdom might be just what the doctor ordered.”

    Brilliant. As I often say, I do need to get out more. But I’d swear this is the first time I’ve read such a point even being suggested. (And yes, I’ve read my Toffler.)

    Today more than ever may be a time to see the wisdom of downscaling (or – dare I propose it? – even HUMAN scaling?). Which may be just another way of saying we’re reaching the limits of at least a certain, perhaps overly narrow and past-dismissive, kind of modernity. And that now, paradoxically enough, may be the time to re-discover the wisdom of even certain elements of the pre-modern. Your other recent posts concerning value-added intermediation would seem to reinforce this possibility. After all, what is VAI in human terms, if not all the many ways of helping swamped folks approach the unapproachable, and make sense of the apparently senseless (or sense-overloaded)? Or even (yes, I realize I’m getting carried away here) of humanizing what has inadvertently become, well, inhuman?

    But surely to do THAT well is no simple matter of just more of our usual superhard work, sleight-of-hand cleverness and technical razzle-dazzle. Ultimately, I should think, it will also require boatloads of a particular kind of old-fashioned moral fiber and backbone (e.g., dependability, trustworthiness, prudence, kindness [d’ya THINK?], maybe even humility).

    Which, to me, all finally comes down to the various economic things we do being also about US THE CREATED (in all our God-made “simplicity?”) – and not just about the hypersophisticated and confusing things we create. Didn’t somebody – Chesterton or whoever – once say that the more things change, the more WE (for better and worse) remain the same?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    You can’t fix the Government Monopoly, the only way to limit the waste, corruption, feather bedding, and empire building, is to limit the size and scope of the Government Monopoly.

  • Luke Lea

    re: smaller governments tend to be more efficient

    Our little town of Walden, TN, which is on Signal Mountain near Chattanooga is quite small in that regard. How small? So small that when the fog reflectors come unglued from the two-lane blacktop, the major calls for a party of volunteers to go around and glue new ones down.

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