China To Japan: Grovel Enough And We’ll Respect You
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  • clazy8

    I watched a 2001 documentary last night, Hell in the Pacific. It’s not as if I hadn’t been aware of everything the film presented, but I was shocked anew, regretted my choice to watch it, and spent the morning depressed. So I understand the enduring resentment of the Chinese (and most of SE Asia) for Japan. But it is surely absurd for anyone associated with the Chinese Communist party to get on a high horse and lecture other people for crimes against humanity committed in the name of political destiny. And yet — it makes sense. Thirty years after the beginnings of economic liberalization, everyone knows that the Communists are philosophically bankrupt. The only thing standing between them and lynching is economic growth and nationalism. When the former falters, expect more of the latter. Hmm. I’m getting depressed again.

  • China has it [completely] backwards. She lost her war with Japan and only the intervention of the United States saved her. Look at it from the Japanese point of view.

    Japan: Respect you? Fool, we beat you like a drum. If not for America you would be a Japanese colony. You don’t demand respect, you earn it, and you have done nothing to earn any respect from us.

    That’s how I read the Japanese response, and I doubt they’d act any other way. The Japanese are a prideful people and acting as if they were any other way is certain to end up disappointing you.

  • Harryt Allan

    This looks like every starting “proposal” I’ve ever seen in a labor negotiation — either side. Worth taking seriously, but not literally.

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