Covering Religion At Via Meadia
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  • Corlyss

    “With some honorable exceptions, the mainstream press covers religion poorly, and partly as a result, many otherwise intelligent and well informed people don’t have the grasp on this subject they really need.”

    Not quite the same view point as a magazine, newspaper, or blog that covers religion, but useful nonetheless, is Pew’s webpage devoted to reporting on polling and trends in Religion world-wide and Religious coverage in the media. I get their email updates regularly. Since of all the forces opposing tyrannies the most successful have been religions, it’s critical to follow what’s going on with religions, how they fare in places where the competition between the state and the people is the fiecest, what people think of this or that religion-based data, like the strength of evangelicals in the Republican party, etc.

  • Jim.

    It’s nice that someone is covering the subject.

    It was a surprise to me, reading Niall Ferguson’s “The War of the World”, that the genocide against Christians perpetrated by the Turks in the inter-war period was not limited to the Armenians, but extended to the ancient Greek Christian populations of Asia Minor.

    The fact that it was a surprise is a disgrace to the way history is taught in the schools, and how the subject is covered by the present-day media. Thank you for stepping up.

    I hope our government can step up as well, and work (at the very least, diplomatically) to prevent these sorts of atrocities around the world. It is in the best interests of this country for other nations to practice religious pluralism, as well as being the humanitarian thing to do.

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