Assad Still Winning Where It Counts Most
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  • Random Dude

    Pivot, pivot, pivot…

    Soon we’ll see: was POTUS a man with a plan, a pair, and some backbone who took advantage to clear out a bit of the trash in Libya, or just a clueless naïf bamboozled into an [ultimately successful] adventure concocted by others?

    This dude is personally rooting for the man with the plan: it would be sweet to see O nail up one more goon trophey on the wall during his first term…

  • higgins1990

    Syria borders Israel. If Syria falls, there is the chance of an Israeli-friendly government emerging. This is why Obama passively supports Assad, and tactfully (albeit hesitantly after France and GB punk’d us) focused on Libya. Libya isn’t a direct threat to Israel.

  • Omar Ibrahim Bakr

    The author fails to note that, despite widespread denunciation of his savage , unwarraned and unforgivable reprisal, Presdient Assad’s Syria still stands to many Syrians and Arabs as the the last OFFICIAL bastion of OFFICIAL Arab resistance to Israel and the USA!

    That is a factor long, deliberately ?, overlooked by USA media but will still weigh in the ultimate resolution of this tragic conflict.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Omar Ibrahim Bakr: actually, this point is quite well understood in the US, though for various reasons people think Assad is as hypocritical in this as he is in much else. The vaunted ‘Arab nationalism’ of the Syrian regime, like the rhetoric from Saddam Hussein, is seen in the US as a screen of hypocrisy intended to divert attention from the personalistic and sectarian characteristics of the dictatorships rather than as expressing a serious political intention. Most Arabs seem to agree.

  • Omar Ibrahim Bakr

    Walter Russell Mead
    Are we to understand from the above that you partake in the general American perception of Assad and the late Saddam ( hypocrisy intended to divert attention etc etc … )and that MOST Arabs agree with that ??
    (The stress here is about “MOST ARABS”.)
    Or is it that you do have your own evaluation of both ??

    However it is only to be expected that most Americans are bound to believe that with the unabbated US campaign, both official and media, against Arab leaders NOT particularly friendly with neither the USA nor with its favourite Israel.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @Omar Bakr: There don’t seem to be all that many pro-Assad demonstrations demonstrating the deep love of the Arab masses for this ‘hero of resistance’ throughout the region. Or am I missing something?

  • Kris

    Give it time, Omar. Egypt might yet join/replace it.

  • Omar Ibrahim Bakr

    Walter Russell Mead
    Which answer, above,does NOT answer my straight forward question ” Are we to understand…etc”
    To contend that “Most Arabs ” agree with the American perception and depiction of the late Saddam and Bashar Al Assad is not only fool hardy but certainly is untenable

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