Eyes On The Prize
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  • Peter

    ” … the urgent questions U.S. senior leaders are asking include: How can the United States encourage Libya’s rebel movement to adopt an inclusive, transparent system of government? How can the international community prevent a bloodletting of revenge killings in Tripoli?

    Sure. And how can you square a circle?

    Lybians — either the rebels or the establishment — are incapable of such feats, and the fact that our foreign affaires establishment doesn’t know that explains why we’re always behind the curve of events.

    It’s also why Iraq will be lost soon after we leave.

    A lesson for your students, Mr. Mead. Wishful thinking is not cute; it’s deadly and unforgiving.

  • Luke Lea

    What are America’s overarching strategic goals in the Middle East?

    1. Open access to the Persian Gulf.

    2. The security of the state of Israel in the near term.

    3. Peace with the Arab world in the long term.

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