Iranian Persecution of Christians Grows
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  • Luke Lea

    “In a deeply barbaric proviso reflective of medieval wars of religion at their worst, the court states that Pastor Nadarkhani’s life will be spared if he recants his conversion . . .” Medieval? Didn’t those wars of religion in the West continue until the middle of the 17th century? The Thirty Years War, the English Civil War, the Khmelnytsky Uprising? Maybe the Islamic world is at the early modern stage of development.

  • Christopher

    Sounds like a mere step beyond our Christian governments attempts at controlling the “outbreak” of Sharia law.

  • Jim.

    One is also puzzled by the fact that it is only in the sentencing that Israel differs from Iran. Christian proselytizing is illegal between the Jordan and the Med, and I don’t mean just in the PA zones.

  • Kris

    “Sounds like a mere step beyond our Christian governments”
    “One is also puzzled by the fact that it is only in the sentencing that Israel differs from Iran.”

    If you convert away from Islam in Iran (and in most of the “Muslim World”), you are put to death by the state. If you convert away from Christianity in the West, and away from Judaism in Israel, absolutely nothing is done to you.

    What tiny steps! How puzzling!

  • Jim.

    @Kris –

    I never suggested it was a “tiny” step, simply that there was a similarity in principle, which is unpleasantly ironic.

    Israel has no problem with atheists proselytizing. They do have a problem with Christians seeking converts, though, and that is a double-standard that should bother anyone who looks for legal consistency.

    One wonders why a person can completely reject Israel’s ancestral religion and remain a Jew, yet if they accept that the Lord has already sent a Messiah, they are no longer Jews. It seems that turning your back on G-d completely is a far more serious schism.

  • Kris


    I had composed a longer reply, but while looking up some point, I ran across a little problem: Can you provide me with any evidence that Christian proselytizing is illegal in Israel?

  • Larry

    No matter what you think about isreal! It still won’t kill you for what you believe!!

  • “It is characteristic of the unlearned” [or learnd] “that they are forever proposing something which is old, and, because it has recently come to their own attention, supposing it to be new.” (Calvin Coolidge)

  • Audrey

    It is NOT illegal to preach Christ (Yeshua) in Israel. The ultra-orthodox may give you a hard time, but it is completely legal. And has been noted above, no one is imprisoned for doing it, Christian or Jew.

  • Foragape

    I’ve never heard, or read, of anyone being killed because of their religious beliefs in Israel.

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  • Ti

    I don’t know why people think it’s “OK”, to tell another country what laws they should have? And to do it under threat of BOMBING?!?

    You aren’t going to LEGISLATE away, bigotry, intolerance, and prejudice.

    You aren’t going to get the Gospel into people, while riding the BEAST of the STATE!

    It sound like; “you’d BETTER like us, or well kill ALL of you!”.
    What’s “Christian” about that?!?

    In the above comments, someone referred to “Christian governments”… Just which “government” is “Christian”?!? I certainly don’t know of any?

    Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” and the “Author of Life”… not the “King of Death”!

    If we are in His image, then we are bringers of Peace, and Life… not destruction and death!

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