Just Say No To Yo-Ho-Ho
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  • Luke Lea

    I thought that was what the U.S. Navy was for.

  • Jim.

    So…. how many of these “extra” carrier groups can we afford to cut, again?

  • peter38a

    This is so easy it’s absurd. The simple fact is no one is willing to pay the political price.

    First, a digression. In the19th century at least, anyone captured in the act and or of piracy was put on trial. The captains of all sails in sight invited to the trial, no sail in sight, summery trial held, pirates hung by a whip until dead. Presently, I am told the British navy is told not to pick up pirates because they might ask for asylum. What a difference a century makes.

    Today, well, lets take Somalia. You send in special operations teams at night to free the hostage crews and sail out captured ships. Some crew will be killed, some innocent Somalis will be killed, some ships will not be able to be retrieved. The latter will be sunk and the insurance companies will take a hit. This is the cost no one is willing to bear. It is called a “cutting-out expedition and navies have been doing it for over two thousand years.

    Come morning all pirate infested harbors are closed permanently with acoustic and pressure mines. Try to motor out and you will blown up, try to sail out to start your engines later and the pressure mines get you. It will be let known that if piracy moves to a new harbor, that harbor will be closed within 24 hours. The cost, innocent fishermen will not be fishing from these harbors.

    While the mining operation is taking place leaflets will be dropped declaring that all “mansions” will be receiving a 2000 pounder by noon. Special operations folks flown in during the night set up road block on every road possible, all fleeing with anything more than $2000 will have their money confiscated and held in escrow until proof of provenance. Any resistance to this will be handled summarily.

    All mother and baby pirate ships at sea are swept up, proof of piracy on board means a rope, other wise let them go “and sin no more.”

    Move on the the next pirate nest.

  • Brian

    The infant US payed ransom and tribute for many years before building a navy and fighting. Didn’t work then and won’t work now. Technology changes but human nature and incentives don’t.

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