The Great Game, Virtual and Real
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  • Gene

    Reason for Americans to worry, but the Chinese should be worried as well. Pakistan is a dangerous nation with which to be “friends.”

  • Kris

    I very much consider China and Pakistan to be deserving allies.

  • Toni

    From the Egypt piece: “The tried and true recipe for dealing with unwanted protestors [and other problems]: Blame foreigners, especially the United States.”

    From this one:

    “An official report released on Tuesday claimed that about half of 493,000 cyber attacks on the websites of the Chinese government and other agencies “originated from abroad, particularly the United States and India”.”

    Given China’s lack of transparency, and its manipulation of information, China’s claim of US and Indian cyberattacks may be empty, or at least exaggerated. “They do it too” could be meant to minimize its culpability by blaming the victim, whether we do it or not.

    I’m no tech genius, but if hackers do no damage, if nothing is amiss, how does the hackee know it’s been hacked? Would the US deliberately leave clues to let China know it’s vulnerable? Wouldn’t clues be akin to revealing the US’s own capabilities? Why wouldn’t the US want to keep them secret unless they’re needed in a cyberwar?

    But then maybe that’s why it’s called the Great Game.

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