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  • Randy

    Dr. M,

    Speaking of things missed, did you see that the Goracle threw a tantrum at the Aspen Institute last week?

  • Richard S

    Fascinating, as usual.

    This part is worth pondering further: “Meanwhile other factors contribute to the growing disenchantment with the racial dimension of Great Society policy. Growing public perception that sixties liberalism doesn’t work undermines the consensus for sixties racial as well as immigration and economic policy.”

    History is fundamental to the Progressive/ liberal establishment mindset. (Classical liberals can be ahistorical in their understanding of what makes a good society and good laws, by contrast). If it becomes obvious that there is no consensus about where we are and about what must come next, the living constitution can’t work, nor can “progressivism” hold together, for it presumes there is and can always be consensus on precisely that.

    Beyond that is a further point. Not long ago, Secretary of State Clinton called piracy a “17th century problem.” That’s a common idea. But, as she noted, piracy is still with us. (Aristotle, after all, called it one of the five natural ways by which men get their bread–ie:there will always be some pirates among us). The idea that there are “17th century problems” is a particular idea. It is losing some of its currency. That’s part of the deeper crisis in the West.

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