The Worm In The Lotus
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  • carvaka

    there seems to some discussion whether this is india’s “gilded age” .

  • We had better worry about our own level of corruption before we worry about India.

    As western civ. has thrown off so much wealth, the problem with corruption in our own land has become an epidemic.

    This is made worse by decades of cultural decline in terms of character. As more and more people partake in corruption, more and more people look to how they can get in on it rather than ending it.

    I would expand the definition WAY beyond mere indictable offenses. The entire public pension scheme at the state and local level ought to be defined as “corruption.”

    When elected officials are bought by the people whose benefits they are expanding, the entire system is corrupt. The same goes for bug business “rent-seeking,” which has reached a level easily called “corrupt.” (GE, Enron, High speed rail, GM bailout, etc.)

    I leave you with this poster to contemplate the direction we are heading.

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