America’s Decaying Infrastructure
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  • Jim.

    “Streamline the process of infrastructure work, bring down the costs, and ensure that work is actually done by citizens and legal residents only, and the country might be willing and able to pay for the quality infrastructure we really do need.”

    Amen to that!

    THAT is how we put America back to work. Get the obstacles out of the way, and let the people on the ground at the time get things done!

  • cja

    Outside of Boston the state used stimulus funds to build a huge parking garage for the mass transit stop which already had more parking space and was never filled or even almost filled. A big sign went up that it was being paid for by the Recovery Act. All the jobs went to the Union and locals picketed and tried to get jobs or stop it. Neither happened. The roads are still terrible and need work, the trains frequently break down or have lines down, but the garage which no one wanted will be open next year. The price to park has increased, the local vendors inside the station had to leave. All the construction jobs were big union, and the garage will be managed by the same company that manages all the garages and hires Muslim women from within, so the wealth and assets of the locals was transferred over to the government, big unions, and the garage management company at the expense of the taxpayer and for the long term.

    Infrastructure is an asset, but it should be what is needed and not the means to fortify the future of those who put the political party in office.

  • RPD

    In response to the Minneapolis bridge collapse the local government was able to streamline the process and have a new bridge open within about a year.

  • Tom Holsinger

    Mr. Mead makes a very good point about public willingness to spend tax money being contingent on confidence that it won’t be boondoggled. This applies to more than infrastructure spending.

  • gavin

    one might wonder why infrastucture is only the job of the england did ok with toll bridges,highways ,canals.ask Cornielius how that worked

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