Global Governance? Don't Hold Your Breath
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  • That walking contradiction the European Union, and its paramilitary arm NATO, are next to go under. A common currency tied to uncommon work ethics is bound to end badly. And that tent dwelling, cross dressing Michael Jackson impersonator in Libya has killed off what’s left of NATO.

  • cja

    In other words, Globalization is going to fail the same way Socialism did

  • Luke Lea

    “Environment, trade, finance, terror, migration, proliferation, drugs: the world has a lot of problems that can really only be tackled at a global level. Unfortunately, we lack the institutions, leadership and consensus that would make effective global action possible.”

    How about if we restrict the WTO to liberal democracies that observe the rule of law? That way we could leverage our collective economic might to bring about reform in places like China . . . and Mexico. In effect, levy a tax on them until they shape up. Maybe even a heavy tax.

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