Anti-Zionism Alive and Well in Europe
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  • GPeery

    Some of this might be Murdock blowback; much of it isn’t. The streak of anti-Semitism in Europe is broad, deep and goes back centuries. A British magazine had a piece not long ago noting that anti-Semitic rhetoric is once more acceptable at the “better” British dinner parties. And that’s Britain! Elsewhere, things are worse.

  • Anthony

    What is it about human race (own sense of insecurity/inadequacy) that forever looks to the other as warranting attack – perhaps your colleague Peter Berger was on to its cause in abstract patrimonialism.

  • Instead of making Germany the scapegoat for what happened last century, the European community might be wise to take responsibility for the plight of the Palestinians; if that conflict were resolved, it might get over its anti-Zionism — and its anti-Semitism. Would save us a heap of blood and treasure too.

    German youth unite; you have nothing to lose but your stigma.

  • Corlyss


    What’s wrong with good ol’ fashioned tribalism? Identifying “the other” is a healthy immune response to invasion from foreign bodies. What a society does with the information is the area of judgment, not whether it can identify “the other.” Others should be tolerated on the basis of what they do, not what they are, and it takes time to observe what they do. Western societies shouldn’t feel compelled by PC to do handsprings about “the other” until the latter do something to contribute to the society by which they want to be accepted. Just showing up don’t cut it.

  • Andy S

    “What is it about human race (own sense of insecurity/inadequacy) that forever looks to the other as warranting attack”

    It is called psychological projection — read a bit about Jungian psychology and the concept of the shadow. By not recognizing the dark parts of ourselves, we assign those qualities to others. It will take another 10,000 years of evolution to overcome.

  • nadine

    Luke, the “plight of Palestine” has been carefully arranged by both the Arabs, who created it, and the Europeans, who pay for it. Neither have ANY interest in seeing it solved. They both get good use out of it, thank you very much! It is not the cause of conflict, but a symptom.

    As for the Palestinians, the ones with any say in the matter are living high on the hog — the Palestinians get the most foreign aid per capita of anyone on the planet – and they have no intention to give up the moral high ground of “resistance” and “struggle” to become normal kleptocrats who have to content themselves with what they can steal from their own people.

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