A Mormon Moment?
Published on: July 13, 2011
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  • Glen

    An interesting piece, Peter, i particularly liked your last line.

    By the way, the Mormon church isn’t important in Tongan politics. The Mormon church has a policy of avoiding local politics there, and Mormons tend to stay out of politics to a greater extent than other Christians in Tonga.

  • Gregory Taggart

    Mormons don’t believe in the innerancy of scripture.

  • Mary

    Are you saying that Nevada is a Catholic state? “What is more, they behave very much in accordance with the proverbial Protestant ethic, as is shown by health and social data from Utah—most strikingly in contrast with neighboring hedonistic Nevada.”

  • Dean M.

    The LDS Church has not “rejected polygamy.” It has discontinued its practice due to “the law of the land.” It still considers “plural marriage” a divine institution. When Utah wanted to become a state, it had to give up the practice but not the doctrine of “celestial marriage.”

    Also, Mormonism has a split personality due to its conflicting revelations. Polygamy is roundly condemned in The Book of Mormon. But Smith’s revelations (Doctrine & Covenants) overruled it along with introducing other strange things. Secret rites or ceremonies are also condemned in The Book of Mormon but overruled by Smith’s use of them.

    Romney would not sign the pledge to support traditional marriage, “a marriage between one man and one woman.” How could he and remain true to his church?

  • Maurice Enchel

    Dean M. – Romney didn’t sign because for reasons you’re obviously not familiar with. Look it up.

  • Ross V.

    An important difference between the Mormon faith and historic Christianity – that the author ommits – is the Mormon belief that their god was once a man and that by faithfully obedience they will eventually become gods in their own right with their own planet to populate with their own spirit children. That’s why Mormonism is not considered a christian faith.

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