La Santa Muerte
Published on: April 6, 2011
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  • Loren Mead

    Peter: Any comment on the increasingly visible fascination of our western culture in ‘vampirism’ — certainly a growth industry in the popular media.

    Loren Mead

  • Beyond serving as the spiritual patroness of Mexican narcos and law enforcement agents, Santa Muerte is a versatile multi-tasker who performs love magic, heals illness, and produces prosperity. My forthcoming book (Oxford University Press, December 2011), Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint, examines Saint Death in her complex totality.

  • Odins Acolyte

    If Death is an entity then so is Birth and Life. The appropriate worship for the living is to worship the Lord/Lady of Life. It is a temptation to worship the provider of what we fear but death is a gate we must all pass through. It is not apart from life but a part OF life. Any deity may take form if worshiped and called upon. There are some rituals for evil that will raise the hair on your neck and cause indisputable an unexplainable phenomena. There are people in the world who can call the wind and light fires across a room. There are people in the world who can speak in your mind. A strong faith is necessary when dealing with unknown powers. Faith in nothing still is a faith. It is simply an empty faith.

  • nana

    am looking for a bible of santa muerte in english

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