South Africa: A Fading Rainbow?
Published on: March 23, 2011
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  • “It would be very premature to see these developments as heralding the collapse of the democratic experiment. South Africa, despite its many problems, has a functioning democracy, a robust market economy, and a vibrant civil society. Everyday relations between the races are remarkably amicable, as manifested dramatically during the recent World Cup….

    “There was the bright promise as Nelson Mandela walked out of jail and presided over the remarkable transformation of an entire country.”

    This article is surreal. The only thing “vibrant” about contemporary South Africa is the black campaign of genocide against white South Africans. The savage murders of white farmers alone totals at least 3,142 since the end of “apartheid,” and installation of “democracy.” The black murderers frequently rape and torture (e.g., with boiling water) their white victims before killing them.

    Nelson Mandela was a racial terrorist, who now spends his twilight years traveling the country, exhorting young blacks to murder whites, leading them in singing the genocidal song, “Kill the Boer.” I have posted the videotape at my blog.

    The writer clearly supports the ongoing new Holocaust, and does not want his Western readers to know about it, until it is too late.

  • John

    South Africa does not have much of a “rainbow” future, seeing as all the whites will either flee or be killed eventually. The future isn’t much brighter for the rest of the population either.

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