May One Pray for Miracles?
Published on: March 9, 2011
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  • Paul

    Your description of Milingo v. the RCC is misleading at best. Milingo was matched and married in a Moon ceremony around 2002. He then saw the light, left Moon saying he felt like he had been put under a spell by the best at that, the Moon organization. He also said that he thought Moon was using him to set up a rouge Catholic church in Africa. Years later the child like Milingo was snagged by Moon’s web again.

    There is so much more to the Milingo tale you left out. He performed a Moon marriage blessing attaching it to the Mass and celebrating it while wearing Moon’s vestments. He told a class at Moon’s school in Korea that he believed Moon to be the Messiah. I have seen video of Milingo bowing before Moon while accepting books of Moon’s teachings and speeches which comprise in Moon world, the Word of God, the Holy scriptures of the Kingdom. Moon claims to be God incarnate, to speak for God. He says when you look at him you are looking at God. It is Moon and his wife who sit next to God.

    Moon may not be “the” Antichrist but he is certainly “anti” Christ no matter how much smoke he make blow on the subject.

    Moon says that you get to heaven only through accepting him, attending him, not Jesus. He claims that Jesus now serves his dead son in heaven. Moon’s living son now in charge has proudly boasted that Jesus, Muhammad and all past saints and sages bow before Sun Myung Moon. He also states that Moon’s “love” is many times greater than anything Jesus put forward.

    Mary doesn’t get very good treatment by Moon either. Her failures according to Moon lore, is part of the reason Jesus was crucified.

    That’s just a small bit of it but you can add to it that the UC has spent billions on its political machinery, much of it under a cloak of religion. They admit that the bulk of those billions come from Japan a nation where the UC members are constantly arrested for swindling, targeting widows with their scams. The over 30,000 claims by the not-so-litigious Japanese total over a billion dollars. Those fighting the UC’s use of these scams says those figures represent less than a tenth of the real damages.

    The RCC with all its blemishes would be negligent had it not excommunicated Milingo for his support of Moon, his promotion of Moon and his mocking of Jesus Christ and the RCC.

  • edwin

    An interesting reflection on prayer, the Holy Spirit and contemporary concerns among those engaged within so-called ecumenical arenas.
    Milingo, as Peter Berger here notes in his closing reference to Gerrie ter Haar’s book, How God Became African, (“a worldview positively humming with supernaturalism”) is likely less than an isolated case.
    There will be more, whether snagged or ensnared by whoever.

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