School Trips, Textbooks and Islam
Published on: October 8, 2010
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  • Adrienne

    In what manner are you divining the ACLU’s stance on the field trip to the mosque? The field trip served a clear pedagogical purpose related to the subject matter (world religions) of the class of which it was a part. The report you link to does not allege that any students were instructed (or encouraged) to participate in any religious rituals (and, actually, if I understand correctly, bowing one’s head isn’t sufficient to be a real participant in Islamic prayers.)

    I’m pretty sure that the ACLU’s actual position is more nuanced than you give it credit for, and that it would not, actually, lead to it being aligned with the Christian Right in the way you posit here.

  • jbay

    I once read that in China they say 10,000 years to represent a long time and do not literally mean 10,000 years. The ambiguity of numbers in the ancient world is a well known archeological discovery.

    If people paid more attention to studying and focused less on jumping to conclusions their faith in God might be a little stronger than it is.

    “A little philosophy inclenith mans mind to atheism. Depth in philosophy turn his mind back to religion.” (Bacon)

    ~I might add that a little intelligence is far more dangerous than a great lack.

  • Is this the American Interest or the Muslim Brotherhood Interest?

    In Mass, there was a school trip to the RADICAL MAS Roxbury Mosque.
    The children are praying a prayer that contains half of what is needed to formally convert to Islam. This is not teaching tolerance, it is promoting a religion at a radical Mosque.

    As to Texas, they are correct. Politically Correct/Cultural Marxist professors (and ghost writting students) do promote Islam in textbooks. Moses and Jesus are routinely treated as possibly living, while the words and deeds or Mophamed are routinely treated as truth and presented in the best possible light. It is borderline Apologetics in some cases.
    Until you pay attention to the facts of the case and stop writting like a New York Upper West side liberal, stop calliong yourself “The Ameican Interest”. Because spreading the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood, isn;;ot our interest. Protecting our culture and Constitution is.

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