Turkish Generals and American Judges
Published on: September 30, 2010
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  • Robert Morris

    I commend the author for not taking the conventionally hysterical line on developments in Turkey, but this is a bit rich. Turkish Secularism and American Secularism are two very different entities, much as the Turkish and American Republics are two very separate entities. Comparing a lobbying group like the ACLU to the Turkish Generals, who have ruled their country for most of a century, in a sometimes bloody fashion is just silly.

  • Long ago, I read Dr. Berger’s “Secularism in Retreat” in National Interest. It was a prescient article.

    However, hasn’t anyone noticed that when Evangelicals get fired up, there’s usually a new homeless shelter or private school in town. Yes, there’s agitation against the obscenities of abortion and homosexual “marriage” ; but there aren’t many assassinations.

    Further, our current elites conveniently forget that a couple of generations before Locke, European Calvinists were arguing for political compact and criticising royal absolutism. It seems that few American Evangelicals are tempted by the 2oth century totalitarian model (which cannot be said for their cultured despisers on the Left–the lovely people who made the vicious Mao Zedong and Che Guevara into icons).

    Yet, when Muslims want to de-secularize, heads roll and things go boom. I think that Huntington’s point about civilizational conflict may be more relevant that simply seeing the American Christian right and the re-Islamicization of Turkish politics as related phenomena.

  • MR. Berger,
    When the ACLU promotes Pan-Turkism (but not Turanism) and stops showing preference for Islam over Christianity in choosing when to promote secular Humanism, you can make an argument. Until then it is 6th grade sophistry on the line of the US being a police state because we have an FBI.

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