Do Dogs Go To Heaven?
Published on: September 21, 2010
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  • Dogs deserve all the consideration a human being can bestow upon these 4-legged creature. while unable to talk, these God’s creation too, they have feelings, brains that is capablle of comprehension, a heart that exudes love, they can understand when their mastrer is sad by leaking their hands, arms and leg; dogs sit close in silence next to their master in time of bad times, quiet and respects the silence of their master; dogs deserves all the kindeness, love, caring and loving owners “owe” their pets. Why do some dog owners treat them without compassion at thier time of greatest need,, like when they pass away; a most desolating, desparing and tragic expeirence. – dogs who unconditionally share their lives with human beings, must be treated no less that like a human being, too, they cannot talk and therefore cannot reason out; action, movement, speak louder than words , these are means how dogs show, express their emtions., their death is amost devastaing, desolating experience, for those who genuinely love their dog; Dogs are God’s creation. I look forward to meeting mine in the after life. . r

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