The Buddha and the Gallows
Published on: September 7, 2010
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  • Josh

    The death penalty is a tough question for Americans, and I’m not interested in trying to debate its merits. I would like to object to one point you made though. You said, “to kill a human being completely under your control and thus unable to do any more harm”. In a previous job, one of my duties was to help members of CalPERS, the state of California’s retirement system, with their disability applications. One of the main sources of customers was the prison system, and one of the major contributors to disabled and killed prison guards (and prisoners too, for that matter) was inmate violence. Try telling a gurd who was blinded, stabbed, or thrown down a flight of stairs by a violent inmate that they are “completely under control” and “unable to do any more harm”. Some people will look for ways to do harm as long as they breathe.

  • Excellent piece, and I completely agree with the point of view expressed. One small correction: it is Reform, not “Reformed,” Judaism.

  • john walsh

    I have always favored execution for serious crimes. Having read your ridiculous apologia confirms for me that you should be excecuted simply for unforgivable stupidity.

  • Joanna

    @ john walsh

    Hey now, that was uncalled for!

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