Veiled Women and Naked Monks
Published on: August 10, 2010
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  • John Barker

    “there are only two possibilities: either indigenous European women will have more children, or there will be continued large-scale immigration, much of it Muslim.” For a third possibility, read the article on Japanese robots in the current American Interest. For many reasons, Japan cannot handle mass immigration. These robots may replace humans in some functions of daily life as they already do in industry and they will become more human like. Sounds crazy? Read the article.

  • senoy

    Usually, I enjoy your posts and perspectives, but I don’t know if I can agree with this one, Peter. Public decency seems a rather ethereal nail on which to hang this hat. While I won’t argue that in principle a government may have the right to tread on religious freedom in the name of decency, it seems a far cry to call wearing a facial covering indecent. If so, every time one walked by a construction site where they were wearing a welding mask, we would be exposed to this indecency or heaven forbid a disease outbreak occurred and the Minister of Health recommend wearing surgical masks. Who would be there to protect the children from this indecency? This is far more than a public prohibition against ‘indecently’ hiding one’s face and is obviously targeting a particular religious expression. It seems to me to be dangerous ground.

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