Wisdom from the East
Published on: August 3, 2010
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  • There’s no reason to assume “all” differences will disappear, else why are Sunni and Shi’a still around, let alone Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and the major Protestant traditions.

    But yes, though I am a huge admirer of Lao Tsu and Chuang Tsu, even philosophical Taoism is far different than Judeo-Christianity. (I think a Western “reading” of Taoism is quite valuable.)

    It is NOT a question of whether the traditions (the clothes of religion, as opposed to the true cores) will exchange rNA, but whether the PC crowds (and their future descendants) will allow us open debate over the terms.

  • jbay

    Taiji, used as it was originally intended, has nothing to do with religion or philosophy and everything to do with how to properly: break arms, deflect strikes and cause internal bleeding. Their also tends to be the nice side effect of physical fitness and personal health.

    ““Easternization” in all its forms implies the suggestion that we should step back into the frieze.”

    ~ I disagree. Easternization asks us to realize that we never existed in a frieze in the first place (Allegory of the cave, if you will). I know most people view the world through east vs west glasses but this is a hollow conception of human interaction that leads to bipolarism. We are and always have been a dynamic fluid. Twisting and turning, coalescing into vortexes, mixing and matching, separating and being born a new. Many individuals seem to have a conception of Buddhism that borders on the mystic but if you actually read about the teachings and the histories along w. the story of Siddhartha you’ll find that it is really a philosophical pursuit of happiness. Study closer the annals of time and it becomes difficult to tell where one thought begins and the other ends.

    Things separate from our experience always seem foreign but that’s only because we’ve yet to experience truth in its entirety. Don’t be afraid to leave the cave, the shadows aren’t really speaking to you.

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