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Adam Garfinkle
The Middle East & Beyond
December 30, 2013
Greater Mideast Roundup

Of Photo-Opportunism and Hazmat Garbage Collection

As we teeter on the cusp of 2014, a whirlwind and partial summary, not so much on what’s been happening lately across the Middle East, but on what it all really means.

July 30, 2012

Syria (and Afghanistan) in Detail

It’s another Monday, and another day just flat out made for a slash-and-burn romp through the newspapers. Today’s papers once again evoked in me that old graveyard laugh. I’m not becoming a curmudgeon, I promise. It’s just that my ruminations have begun to float free of my conscious control. In other words, I just can’t […]

May 25, 2012

Look Before You Leap

It used to be, I think, that the vast majority of strategists and statesmen played chess, or in non-Western cultures some comparably complex game that required players to anticipate what their opponents might do in an extended sequence of moves. This was good training for the real world. If you read in the history of […]

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