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When Missile Defense Is About More Than Missiles

U.S. and NATO missile defense plans are about more than just guarding against rogue missile threats from Iran. They will shape the U.S.-Russia relationship and, more importantly, long-term relations between America and Europe.

Published on February 20, 2014
It is an old Cold War-era argument that when frost begins to settle on the Washington-Moscow communication lines, arms control is a bulletproof way to thaw them out. Since 2009, nuclear disarmament has been one area where politics and personal conviction seem to have merged for President Obama. The President’s commitment to a nuclear arms control agenda was first outlined in his April 2009 speech in Prague and then at the United Nations. In 2010, the Administration pursued this agenda by hosting the first Nuclear Security Summit, aimed at keeping nukes out of terrorists’ hands. Having discerned that this...